Getting your home ready to sell can feel like a full-time job!  However, the more prep you do before listing your home often pays back when you consider the amount of increased showings (and hopefully, offers!) you may receive. 

Here are some tips for getting your home ready to hit the market. 

Remove Clutter & De-Personalize

The less cluttered a home is, the easier it will be for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in it. When a house doesn’t have clutter, it comes off as more relaxing and inviting. All of us have too much stuff…but no one wants to move into a home with clutter everywhere! 

Some buyers have a hard time paying attention to the actual rooms of the house if you have too much stuff or large furniture to draw their eye to. The more stuff that you have can also make a room appear smaller. 

Family pictures are great, but when listing your home….it’s time to pack them away. Consider it pre-packing for your move! It’s easier for a potential buyer to picture themselves living in a home when there aren’t photos of someone else’s family all around. For privacy reasons, you may want to consider packing up family calendars or schedules as well. 

Clean, Clean, and Clean some more! 

It’s no secret that clean homes simply sell faster. Make sure to deep clean the areas of your home that get overlooked- like window sills, baseboards, and bathroom grout. If budget allows, having a professional cleaning service or carpet cleaner come through a day or two before you list the home might be worth it! 

Invest in a Fresh Coat of Paint 

A quick coat of neutral paint will do wonders for your home. It’s hard to visualize how a potential home will look when the paint colors are too colorful or bright or the walls are dinged up, which is why neutral paint makes a huge difference. It is also a huge selling factor when marketing your home to sell! 

Greige colors are a huge trend right now and mix warm & cool tones perfectly. Here are some great Greige colors: 

  • Edgecomb Gray- Benjamin Moore
  • Agreeable Gray- Sherwin Williams
  • Balboa Mist- Benjamin Moore
  • Accessible Beige- Sherwin Williams

Your realtor will likely be able to help you with paint selections as well. 

Update Light Fixtures 

For a few hundred dollars you may be able to completely transform your rooms with updated light fixtures. 

Wayfair or Amazon are great places to start looking for light fixtures, with plenty of affordable options. Matte black is still a very popular light fixture color and will certainly update your home! And while you’re at it, make sure your light bulbs do a good job highlighting the rooms, not making them feel smaller or too bright. Fluorescent bulbs can make a room feel too bright and cold whereas yellow bulbs can make a room feel too yellow. 

 Make your Entry Way Welcoming & Boost your Curb Appeal

The entryway to your home is sort of like the first impression you have on a first date. In fact, most buyers make their decision on whether or not they like a home based on how they feel within the first 10 seconds of being in it! 

Make your entryway more inviting by adding a wreath, welcome sign, and a doormat. Seasonal touches like a pot of mums out front in the fall or geraniums in the summertime can make it more inviting. 

Be sure that your grass is mowed, flowers tended to, weeds pulled & front porch sweeped before showings. 

We hope that you found these tips helpful! With some time & effort, you can make your home look its absolute best which will help it to sell quickly. And when you’ve sold your home, make sure to contact Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services to close your transaction.