Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Wire Fraud

The safety and security of your closing transaction is our priority. This is why we are taking enhanced, diligent steps to ensure that your closing goes smoothly and securely.

It's pivotal that all parties involved in the Real Estate Transaction know about the risks involved and take diligent steps towards preventing it.

Please take a few minutes to review our Wire Instructions and watch a quick video from the American Land Title Association to proactively prepare for a smooth, safe closing.

Our Wire Instructions & Safety Tips

  • If a homebuyer or seller wants us to verbally provide instructions to them, we ask that they obtain our phone number from a verified outside source such as our website.

  • Wire instructions can ONLY come from Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services. They can not come from a third party in the transaction such as a realtor or a lender.

  • We will NEVER email your wire instructions. Never wire money for a real estate transaction based only on an email.

  • Be suspicious of any "last minute" changes in payment instructions.

  • To obtain verbal instructions, you may call your Executive Closer at any time.

  • Do not open an attachment or link in an email unless you are absolutely sure who sent it to you. It may contain malware that allows a hacker access to your computer.

  • It is the practice of our office to accept both Cashiers Checks AND Wires.

If you have any questions or concerns about your closing transaction or wiring funds, please contact your Executive Closer.

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