Even though it’s the week of Halloween, the closing process doesn’t need to be scary.

Title Insurance is one of the best ways you can protect one of the largest assets you will ever purchase- a home! For as long as you or your heirs own a property, your property rights protect you against all sorts of spooky things that can come up to interfere with your property rights.

Here are some of the scariest problems Title Insurance protects you from: 

Errors in Public Records

This can happen when there are clerical errors (sometimes as small as a typo!) in the public records of your home. One letter being filed wrong can mean expensive legal expenses for you. Avoid this possibility all together by purchasing Owners Title Insurance.

Missing Heirs

Because Title Insurance protects the rights of you and your heirs, sometimes, missing heirs come into the picture and try to claim ownership rights to a property. Buying your own Title Insurance policy will protect your rights against anyone trying to contest your ownership rights.

Unknown Liens

There is no guarantee that the prior owners of your property were great at paying their bills on time. Contractors or financing companies can place a lien against your home, making it difficult for you to sell in the future. Title Insurance protects you from unknown liens interfering with your ownership.

Boundary Disputes

Despite seeing surveys of your new home, other surveys can be out there that show differing boundaries. A neighbor or another party is then able to try to claim ownership to a portion of your property.

Undiscovered Wills

When the owner of a property dies and has no will or heir named, the state can sell their home. When you purchase your new home, you assume the rights as the owner. However, if a will or heir comes forward, even if years have past, your rights can be jeopardized.

Forged Documents

Fabricated or forged documents can affect property ownership by being filed in public records and obscuring the ownership to your property.


Given some of the spooky things that can happen without title insurance, work with a Minnesota company like Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services to ensure your property protection.

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