Moving during the Holiday season can be exciting (think about hosting Thanksgiving in your new dining room!) However, it also adds another level of stress to your moving experience.

If you’re moving into your new home soon, use these tips to make packing up your old home easier.

Organize Ahead of Time

Organization is essential when packing your old home away.To keep things manageable and under control, stick to packing one room at a time and pack items from least used to most used on a daily basis. Label your boxes with the room they belong to and with a number. Using a numbering system will help you ensure you have all the boxes before making your trip to your new home.

For example, a label like, “Kitchen, 1 of 5,” will let you know just how many boxes total you should have. It’s a good idea also to keep a list of what is in each box so that you don’t have to search through multiple boxes for one item. 

Book Your Movers Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until the week before your planned move to hire your movers. Instead, do some research ahead of time and shop around for the best deal. Waiting too long can cause you to pay a higher price or be left without professional help. Movers can get fully booked, so it’s best to plan this out with plenty of time. 

Use Relocator.Net 

To make your move easier, we partner with Relocator.Net, a moving concierge service designed to help you transfer utilities and set up new phone, internet, and cable plans. Learn more about Relocator.Net.

Reuse Boxes

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on buying boxes for your move. Reuse boxes you already have at home, just be sure to reinforce them well with tape. You can reuse these again when you are wrapping presents! You can also use other items in your home in place of boxes. For example, use suitcases to transport items instead of leaving them empty. If you’re moving furniture items like a dresser, keep the drawer’s contents intact and simply cover them with plastic wrap to prevent things from falling out. 


We hope these moving ideas were helpful for you! If you are moving during the Holidays, it can be stressful, but also a very fun experience when you get to experience a Holiday for the first time in your new home. For any questions about the Title and Closing process, reach out to your executive closer today!

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