How often does the fear of failure hold us back in our lives? 

For most of us in the Real Estate business, there is the constant fear of failure! Maybe it’s the fear of picking up the phone to call a new buyer prospect who a friend referred you to. Maybe it’s the fear of going to a sales meeting without having the best numbers. Maybe it’s the fear of simply trying something new for you or your business, and failing. 

President Abraham Lincoln is known by most as being one of the most popular and accomplished presidents of all time.

But did you know how often he experienced loss, failure, or setback in his life? For almost 30 years he experienced some MAJOR setbacks on his road to Presidency. 

Let’s take a look at some of his most notable “Failures”

1832- Lost his job (Defeated for State Legislature)

1833- Failed in Business

1835- His sweetheart died

1836- Had a nervous breakdown

1838- Defeated for speaker

1843- Defeated for nomination for Congress

1848- Rejected for land officer