Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people. To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure you get Owners Title Insurance to protect you from any risk.

Here’s why Owners Title Insurance is so important for you: 

1. Protects Your Largest Investment A home is probably the singlelargest investment you willmake in your life. You insureeverything else that’s valuableto you—your life, car, health,pets, etc., so why not yourlargest investment? For a one-time fee, owner’s title insuranceprotects your property rightsfor as long as you or your heirsown your home.

2. Reduces your RiskIf you’re buying a home, thereare many hidden issues thatmay pop up only after youpurchase your home. Gettingan owner’s title insurance policyis the best way to protectyourself from unforeseen legaland financial title discrepancies.Don’t think it will happen toyou? Think again.Unexpected title claims include:• outstanding mortgages andjudgments, or a lien againstthe property because theseller has not paid his taxes• pending legal action againstthe property that couldaffect you• an unknown heir of a previousowner who is claimingownership of the property 

3. You can’t Beat the ValueOwner’s title insurance is aone-time fee that’s very lowrelative to the value it provides.It typically costs around 0.5% ofthe home’s purchase price.

4. Covers your HeirsAs long as you or your heirsown your home, owner’stitle insurance protects yourproperty rights.

5. Nothing ComparesHomeowners insurance andwarranties protect only thestructure and belongings ofyour home. Getting owner’s titleinsurance ensures your family’sproperty rights stay protected.

6. 8 in 10 Homebuyers Agree Each year, more than 80% ofAmerica’s homebuyers chooseto get owner’s title insurance.

7. Peace of MindIf you’re buying a home, owner’stitle insurance lets you restassured, knowing that you’reprotected from inheriting anyexisting debts or legal problems,once you’ve closed on yournew home.

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All information from the American Land Title Company, ALTA.