The Real Estate Industry is one of the most at risk industries for cyber and wire fraud attacks. Almost every week, there is a story in the news about someone losing significant amounts of money to hackers and spammers getting people to send wired funds to the wrong party. It’s pivotal that all parties involved in the Real Estate Transaction know about the risks involved and take diligent steps towards preventing it- education is key to prevention. 

One of the best ways to prevent wire fraud from happening is to have a clear understanding of what your Title Companies Wire Instructions are. Below are our wire instructions. 

Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services will never send your wire instructions via email. If you receive wire instructions from email, DO NOT reply or send money to that account and contact Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services immediately!

Our Wire Instructions

  • We will NEVER email your wire instructions
  • You may access the instructions securely through your personal user-name and password with SureClose, our online transaction management system.
  • We can deliver instructions to you by Fax.
  • To obtain verbal instructions, you may call your Executive Closer at any time. If you do not know their phone number, call our main line at 952-955-8111 and ask for your Executive Closer’s contact information.
  • It is the practice of our office to accept both Wires and Cashier’s Checks.
  • No question is a dumb question. If you are concerned about wiring funds or have questions about our process or our safety protocols, reach out.

We are committed to a secure closing transaction. For more information on working with Bankers, or to schedule a closing, reach out to (952)955-8111 or click here.