We are excited to share our recent partnership with Relocator.Net, a moving concierge service designed to make the moving process easier. Bankers will now be offering FREE moving concierge services to all of our homebuyers! What does this mean for you?
Benefits for Realtor or Lender Partners

  • Get Noticed- a moving concierge service adds value for your client and sets your business apart from the competition
  • Get Referrals- when your customers have a great moving experience.
  • Save Time- by not having to field questions from clients about their moving process
  • Stay Top of Mind- Relocator.Net and Bankers offer co-branding to keep your name in front of the client, during and after their move

Benefits for Homebuyers

  • A Moving Concierge Specialist saves you hours of wasted time and money
  • They help transfer garbage and utilities, phones, internet, TV, and home security
  • Plus, Relocator offers a FREE Moving Checklist to keep organized and on schedule when prepping for a move
  • Get buyers plugged into your local community with a community section that forwards mail, enrolls kids in schools, and finds daycare nearby

Did you know that we also offer a 24/7 File Management app , a Title Quote calculator designed to give you INSTANT quotes, and preliminary title searches on request? 
Experience the Bankers Difference yourself by ordering title today.