It’s no secret that technology is changing the way Real Estate (and everything else!) is done. Luckily, there are many resources available to Minnesota Real Estate agents to help you become more technologically productive! We’ve compiled some tried and true recommendations to help you become more technologically savvy. 

Some of our favorite apps and resources for Real Estate agents are listed below. 



Canva is one of our favorite tools for business owners, and we even use it for our design needs as well! This easy-to-use design software has most of the benefits of Adobe Photoshop without the learning curve or training. Design anything from business cards to listing presentations on this software. There are also plenty of pre-made templates available to purchase or use for free. Another benefit is that you can save your brand colors, fonts, and logos to be easily accessible for future designs. 

Breakthrough Broker

This resource has premade listing and real estate marketing materials easier than ever to use. Simply personalize your templates, download, and you’re ready to market a listing!


According to, staged homes sell 73% faster. Virtual staging is becoming more and more popular with many agents choosing to virtually stage their homes instead of staging in real life. 


A Twin Cities real estate showcasing company that does everything from 3D Matterport tours to real estate photos and videos. 

Constant Contact

A user-friendly CRM and Email Marketing software. Manage your contacts, send birthday campaigns or newsletters and see results and click-through rates! 


Easily schedule out your social media posts as far out as you’d like. This is especially helpful for making sure your content is engaging and relevant ahead of time, and, it saves you a ton of time instead of posting daily. 

Bomb Bomb

Produce your own videos to use in your email marketing that get sent out as part of the body-message of the email instead of a downloadable attachment (there’s a difference!) This means more people watch your video and your time is spent smarter instead of harder. 


Title Capture

Instant title quotes, seller net sheets, buyer estimates or pre-HUDS from your fingertips? Title Capture is a useful way to quickly estimate closing costs by keying in a property address. 

SureClose Transaction Management

Experience 24/7 access to transaction files with Bankers Title & Bankers Closing Services’ secure document management system, SureClose. This tool might just change the way you do business by staying on top of your real estate transactions from anywhere you have internet access.


This green-friendly program allows you to sign documents from anywhere, on any device in an encrypted, secure format.  


Technology will continue to change the world around us. We hope this list of tech-tools was helpful for you and your business!

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